A regular traffic fine challan is a physical receipt for any traffic-related offences, while the challan is the electronic form of this challan. The document is generated through the Electronic Challan System and the main focus on introducing challan by the Centre is to provide transparency and improve its services to citizens of India. Through the challan, you can pay traffic fines online or offline. Several states have enabled the MTP CCTV challan in various cities through which an challan is generated whenever a traffic violation is captured on the CCTV camera.

Traffic cops also issue challan which can be paid online. Upon capturing a traffic offence on camera, information of the vehicle such as the registration number, name and address of the owner, contact details as well as the make and model of your vehicle is procured from the RTO. Once the details of your vehicle are received, an SMS notification is sent to the vehicle’s registered mobile number along with the details of the traffic offence.


Different states have different websites to pay your traffic challan online. The Central government through its Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has introduced online payment facility of traffic challans. Under the e-governance initiative, you can pay the traffic challan online. Below are the steps for your reference

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