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Health Insurance

Today, the market is bombarded with 29 health insurance companies, each having a wide range of plans and benefits. Now, the question arises- which insurance company should you trust? For your convenience, have provided a list of all the health insurance companies in India along with the factors which will help you in selecting a suitable insurance company for yourself and your family. Read along and then make a choice accordingly.

In a cashless claim facility, the medical expenses incurred by the policyholder during his/her hospitalization are directly settled by the insurance company. To provide this facility, the insurance company collaborates with a number of hospitals which are called ‘network hospitals’. This means that if the insured person gets his treatment done in any of the network hospitals then the insurance company will pay for all the treatment expenses, releasing the financial burden off from the shoulders of the insured. So, while selecting a company make sure that it offers the facility of cashless treatment.


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